Saturday, January 26, 2008

Government Policies Impacting Leadership

So I think that government policies impacting leadership can be looked at in two ways. First, government policies can have a negative impact on leadership at times. Government now more than ever seems to control more of our everyday life. There are more rules and regulations that we all have to abide by which can impact a leaders abilities to make decisions. We can no longer do as we please. This maybe beneficial when it comes to money decisions that impact people who have money at stake but not necessarily everyday decisions. A leader will always first have to make sure that their decision meets all government regulations and we all know that some government laws have gone a little overboard. I feel this impacts how many leaders leader. However, on the other side it can keep people honest. We have seen that from many companies such as Enron that now because of policies, companies have to be honest. Not all companies are Enron but it is unfortunate that there are some of those companies out there. This is why the government creates protect the consumer.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Social Networking and Leadership

Social networking is extremely important in leadership. Networking can assist in being a leader. Networking can allow for many to met new people and learn about other areas in life that may be beneficial to yours. As a professional, if you network, you can meet a number of different people with different skills. Knowing these individuals can help you when you have a need for something that you are not skilled in. A leader needs to know many people with different types of skills as well as when they need to utilize these other skills. A true leader understands when they need to look outside what they know or have, and seek out others who have the knowledge and skills that they as a leaders are lacking.
Social networking can prove to also be an important part of professional gain. Knowing others in the same field as you can assist in growing as a professional and seeking new professional opportunities. Many people say it not what you know but who you know. I say this is true because if you don't know it, then hopefully you know someone who does!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Class on the internet

The last class that was held over the computer was a very interesting one. I have never had this type of experience before. I believe this type of class helped individuals who often do not participate in class as much, feel more comfortable to do so because all they had to do is type. I however, felt as if I did not participate as much as I would normally in a face to face class. I don't think I participated as much because when a question was asked, everyone would type an answer. Most the time it was the same answer so I did not feel the need to contribute on certain questions. I would have been nice to have the camera work so that we could see who we were speaking with, but in the end that really did not matter. The only thing that we lacked was human contact and humor. It was difficult for our professor to understand our humor becasue he did not hear the tone in our voices so he had to take what was written as fact. Face to face would have eliminated that. The most important thing was that technology allowed for our class to experience other people that we normally would never have had to chance to learn from. Most of the speakers would have never been able to come to our class for a face to face class. If we did not have this technology, our class would have never been able to gain the knowledge that these speakers had to offer our class

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


So, with all of the primaries going on right now, I can't get away from politics if I tried (however, I would never try because I love politics). Anyways, many of you are not like me. However, with all this going on, it makes me think about leadership. Everyone calls the United States President the "leader of the free world" and that seems like a pretty big job to be the leader of the free world but what does that really mean? What do people really look for in regards to leadership when selecting a president. Everyone wants a leader but no one truly seems to define it, just continuing to repeat the word leader over and over again. It seems that there are many different opinions on what a leader is and what qualities they should have. I think this is what makes our country great. The ability to want the same thing , such as freedom or a better future, yet have completely different views on how to get there and who will be the best to lead us there.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Leadership and the E-world

Leadership in the E-world can mean many things to different people. My take on leadership in the E-world is pretty simple. First, leaders are people who are able to bring a group together and create a successful team. In order for a leader to do this they need to have skills and knowledge, give guidance while letting the group assist in decision making, be inspiring, and understand what the individuals on the team are looking for. A leader will also step up when needed, make critical decisions, and know when and how to change, while getting the right people involved. The list can continue but these are what I feel are important. These characteristics are no different for a leader in the E-world. A leader needs to understand and have knowledge of the E-world but a leader also need to be creative. Creativity is another important aspect of leadership but is essential in the E-world. The business e-world has many opportunities but a leader needs to be creative to come up with something different and exciting that everyday people will want to do business with. Business in the E-world is definitely up an coming and has been for a while. It is important for leaders to grow and learn, understanding that life changes and so does business. The E-world is a perfect example of this. Business in the E-world probably changes more often that others. A leader in the E-world needs to accept change and be able to keep up with the ever changing times of the E-world.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Back to the grind

The two weeks off from school has been refreshing!! But now it is definitely back to the grind. I hope all had a wonderful holiday. My holiday was great but it is now time for me to get focused again on school work. Only 12 weeks or so left until graduation. It is going to be very hard to focus though because I am leaving for yet another vacation!!!! Vacationing is what I love to do but it is so difficult to do with school. The good thing is that all this will pay off in the end. Hopefully the end result is that I can become a great leader.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My first real blog ever

With this being my first blog ever (besides the test blog), I cant really think of what to blog about. As my classmates know already, I resist things like this. However, I have to stop with the resistance and embrace this, as well as other technology, with open arms. This is what a good leader would do and this is also what this class and my blog is all about. Change is never comfortable but is necessary, and I have to change my attitude toward this.