Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Class on the internet

The last class that was held over the computer was a very interesting one. I have never had this type of experience before. I believe this type of class helped individuals who often do not participate in class as much, feel more comfortable to do so because all they had to do is type. I however, felt as if I did not participate as much as I would normally in a face to face class. I don't think I participated as much because when a question was asked, everyone would type an answer. Most the time it was the same answer so I did not feel the need to contribute on certain questions. I would have been nice to have the camera work so that we could see who we were speaking with, but in the end that really did not matter. The only thing that we lacked was human contact and humor. It was difficult for our professor to understand our humor becasue he did not hear the tone in our voices so he had to take what was written as fact. Face to face would have eliminated that. The most important thing was that technology allowed for our class to experience other people that we normally would never have had to chance to learn from. Most of the speakers would have never been able to come to our class for a face to face class. If we did not have this technology, our class would have never been able to gain the knowledge that these speakers had to offer our class

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