Monday, January 7, 2008

Leadership and the E-world

Leadership in the E-world can mean many things to different people. My take on leadership in the E-world is pretty simple. First, leaders are people who are able to bring a group together and create a successful team. In order for a leader to do this they need to have skills and knowledge, give guidance while letting the group assist in decision making, be inspiring, and understand what the individuals on the team are looking for. A leader will also step up when needed, make critical decisions, and know when and how to change, while getting the right people involved. The list can continue but these are what I feel are important. These characteristics are no different for a leader in the E-world. A leader needs to understand and have knowledge of the E-world but a leader also need to be creative. Creativity is another important aspect of leadership but is essential in the E-world. The business e-world has many opportunities but a leader needs to be creative to come up with something different and exciting that everyday people will want to do business with. Business in the E-world is definitely up an coming and has been for a while. It is important for leaders to grow and learn, understanding that life changes and so does business. The E-world is a perfect example of this. Business in the E-world probably changes more often that others. A leader in the E-world needs to accept change and be able to keep up with the ever changing times of the E-world.

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