Wednesday, January 9, 2008


So, with all of the primaries going on right now, I can't get away from politics if I tried (however, I would never try because I love politics). Anyways, many of you are not like me. However, with all this going on, it makes me think about leadership. Everyone calls the United States President the "leader of the free world" and that seems like a pretty big job to be the leader of the free world but what does that really mean? What do people really look for in regards to leadership when selecting a president. Everyone wants a leader but no one truly seems to define it, just continuing to repeat the word leader over and over again. It seems that there are many different opinions on what a leader is and what qualities they should have. I think this is what makes our country great. The ability to want the same thing , such as freedom or a better future, yet have completely different views on how to get there and who will be the best to lead us there.

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