Saturday, January 26, 2008

Government Policies Impacting Leadership

So I think that government policies impacting leadership can be looked at in two ways. First, government policies can have a negative impact on leadership at times. Government now more than ever seems to control more of our everyday life. There are more rules and regulations that we all have to abide by which can impact a leaders abilities to make decisions. We can no longer do as we please. This maybe beneficial when it comes to money decisions that impact people who have money at stake but not necessarily everyday decisions. A leader will always first have to make sure that their decision meets all government regulations and we all know that some government laws have gone a little overboard. I feel this impacts how many leaders leader. However, on the other side it can keep people honest. We have seen that from many companies such as Enron that now because of policies, companies have to be honest. Not all companies are Enron but it is unfortunate that there are some of those companies out there. This is why the government creates protect the consumer.

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