Monday, January 21, 2008

Social Networking and Leadership

Social networking is extremely important in leadership. Networking can assist in being a leader. Networking can allow for many to met new people and learn about other areas in life that may be beneficial to yours. As a professional, if you network, you can meet a number of different people with different skills. Knowing these individuals can help you when you have a need for something that you are not skilled in. A leader needs to know many people with different types of skills as well as when they need to utilize these other skills. A true leader understands when they need to look outside what they know or have, and seek out others who have the knowledge and skills that they as a leaders are lacking.
Social networking can prove to also be an important part of professional gain. Knowing others in the same field as you can assist in growing as a professional and seeking new professional opportunities. Many people say it not what you know but who you know. I say this is true because if you don't know it, then hopefully you know someone who does!!

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Jeffrey said...

The Answer is.... Yes you do have to do this....

Your blog is great! You are doing a great job reflecting to the questions and moving through the blog posts. You also did a nice job adding pics and graphics. You made good comments on the need to network and use sites like Linkedin. You made some great connections to the area of leadership. I also enjoyed your reflection on the virtual experience. It was good to get that feedback in the case that we ever do this class again. Keep up the great work!